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The Conference on Canadian Stewardship brings together hundreds of delegates representing business, manufacturers, retailers, industry and trade associations, municipalities, provincial and federal and territorial government representatives and stewardship programs from across North America and Europe. The six previous biennial events (once every 2 years) were held in Toronto in 2005, Vancouver in 2007, Montréal in 2009, Halifax in 2011, Toronto in 2013 and Banff in 2015. The 2017 event will be held in Montréal from Sept. 27-29, 2017.

These industry-led events have focused on themes that are essential to the creation, operation and sustainability of efficient product stewardship programs in Canada. This year's conference theme is “EPR and Circular Economy” which will examine such topics such as governance of programs, the metrics of measuring program performance, innovation in product and packaging design, and how programs evolve to be more effective systems to benefit producers and consumers while complying with government regulations. Conference delegates will hear the views of opinion leaders and benefit from insights from consumer products company executives, hear from association representatives, senior producer industry experts, Deputy Ministers and Ministers of the Environment. For a listing of 2015 delegates, see 2015 Delegates. Spirited discussions will deal with serious issues that face consumer product companies in North America, such as the cost of programs, governing stewardship, fee structures, auditing of programs, reporting metrics and harmonizing program solutions.

In recent years, the stewardship landscape in Canada has changed substantially. A lot is happening. As the chart shows, about 200 stewardship programs are now operating in Canada (click on the box at the left of the Home Page for a chart of programs in Canada). To keep abreast of these developments and to see a revealing glimpse of future initiatives, join us in Montréal, September 27 - 29, 2017. Where experience talks!