The Conference on Canadian Stewardship is a cooperative effort between many of the leading stewardship organizations and trade associations in Canada.

These organizations represent their members or operate stewardship programs dealing with tires, paint, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage containers, electronics, packaging and printed materials, agricultural pesticides containers and other agricultural materials, recycled carpet, and household special waste materials. The Steering Committee has benefited greatly from the addition of several major trade associations and organizations that have joined together to make the 2013 event the best event possible. A full listing of the Steering Committee members and their affiliations appear below.

The Conference on Canadian Stewardship is owned and managed by the Canadian Product Stewardship Council, a not-for-profit corporation dedicated solely to the operation of the conference. Any surplus funds generated from the conference are used to fund conference activities and are not used for any other purpose.


Conference on Canadian Stewardship Steering Committee
Ginette Bureau CEO, Recyc Quebec representing the Quebec regulator (Sophie Cantin alternate)
Bertrand Goudreault Director Général, eco-peinture - representing paint recycling
Shelagh Kerr1

CEO, Electronics Product Stewardship Canada -  representing electronics recycling

Neil Hastie1 CEO Encorp Pacific (Canada) representing beverage container recycling
Ron Driedger1 Exec. Dir. , BC Used Oil Management Assoc. - representing oil & filters recycling
Mark Kurschner President, Product Care - representing household special waste recycling
Rachel Kagan Vice-President, Food & Consumer Products Canada - representing consumer goods manufacturers
James Downham1 CEO, PAC - The Packaging Association - representing packaging sector
Laura Selanders Sr. Group Manager, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, Target Inc. Canada
Allen Langdon1 Vice-President Sustainability, Retail Council of Canada - representing retail sector
Barry Friesen1 GM, CleanFarms - representing agricultural pesticides and products management sector
Jeff MacCallum RRFB Nova Scotia - host organization of the 2011 event in Halifax
Ted Moroz President, The Beer Store & Brewers Distributing Ltd. - representing brewers
Andrew Horsman Executive Director, Ontario Tire Stewardship - representing tire recycling
Paul Gerard Director of Communications, Stewardship Ontario
Joseph Hall Executive Director, Canadian Carpet Recovery Effort
Mark McKenney Managing Director - Conference on Canadian Stewardship
1 Also Director, Canadian Product Stewardship Council
Who should attend this conference?
Staff from provincial Departments of Environment
Staff of Environment Canada and other related Federal Departments
Policy and waste management staff of municipalities
Provincial & federal municipal associations (i.e. Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Federation of Canadian Municipalities)
Members and staff of Food & Consumer Products Canada
Members and staff of the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors
Members and staff of the Retail Council of Canada
Members and staff of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers
Members and staff of the Canadian Institute Petroleum Products
Members and staff of the Electronics Product Stewardship Canada
Members and staff of the Home and Hardware industry representatives
Members of the Newspaper, magazine and printed paper industry
Material manufacturers : Plastics, Paper, Metals, Glass
Paint manufacturers
Tire retailers and distributors
Companies that pay stewardship fees in any part of Canada
Household Hazardous waste generators
Provincial program operators including: beverage container recycling, waste oil recycling, waste paint recycling, tire recycling, HHW
Recycling, battery recycling, packaging and printed waste recycling, electronics recycling. PacNext member companies